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Why you need a Pregnancy and Birth Planner

A pregnancy and birth planner is an excellent way to help keep you focused on pregnancy. Trust me, nine months seems like a long time from conception to birth, however, before you know it, the months have flown by and all of a sudden, you're trying to plan for your birth and decorate your baby nursery all in the last few weeks. With this in mind, a pregnancy and birth planner can help keep you super organised and calm, help you to stay on top of all your important appointments and most importantly, help you prepare and plan for your birth.

For mamas who want so much more than just a planner/diary, the Your Mindful Mama Pregnancy & Birth Planner provides the expectant mother with all the amazing tools of a weekly planner, including a week-by-week calendar for all your pregnancy appointments, as well as all your social engagements too. We have designed this planner to be used for your everyday planning. There are two pages of interactive stickers to use throughout the planner with 'Must Do' reminders and 'Don't Forget' stickers to help you with the inevitable 'baby brain'. 

We've provided you with the "Mother of All Pregnancy Organisers", which is your ultimate guide to your next 9 months and beyond. The Your Mindful Mama planner doesn't just stop at birth, we have a comprehensive section on the fourth trimester, as well as post-birth information, breast-feeding, returning to movement/exercise and mental health support. 

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This down-to-earth, factual, and easy to read planner is perfect for everyday organisation. It really is like having your personal assistant in your bag! This handy pregnancy organiser has all the spaces for your basic pregnancy information but also many checklists, shopping lists, baby name lists and planning your dream nursery checklist, so you'll feel extra organised and prepared. 

Here are some amazing features of the Your Mindful Mama Pregnancy & Birth Planner;

  • Beautiful natural oat coloured linen hard cover with gold debossing
  • Gold spiral
  • Keepsake box
  • Bookmark ribbons
  • Internal pocket
  • Gender neutral for both baby and parents
  • Printed on thick, quality, luxurious paper
  • Monthly calendar overview
  • Organised into trimesters
  • Sections to stick bump pics and scans
  • Weekly advice & tips
  • To-do lists & check-lists
  • Expert advice from industry professionals 
  • Wellbeing checks throughout
  • Questions for care provider
  • Tear-out birth intentions with stickers
  • Sticker pages
  • Designed in Australia

It truly is your best friend from conception, through to birth and beyond. The Your Mindful Mama planner is full of invaluable information from our team of industry experts, covering topics such as natural birth, home birth, VBAC birth, c-section birth, nutrition, mindfulness, movement, newborns and so much more. 

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