Welcome to Your Mindful Mama! Hopefully if you're reading this blog, you have a new baby coming into your life as a mother, friend or family member. A new baby is such an exciting time for everybody and if there’s ever a time in your life where you change and evolve drastically, it’s during the pregnancy and postpartum times.

pregnancy journal

Pregnancy is a different journey for every expectant mother, as each week and month brings about so many unique thoughts, feelings and emotions. This experience is so personal and 9 months can feel like a long time. That’s why so many expecting mamas-to-be choose to keep a pregnancy journal throughout their pregnancy. Journaling can be a wonderful way to keep a record of all the experiences you’re going through and also a wonderful way to plan for your upcoming birth. 

Keeping a pregnancy journal during the course of your pregnancy means that you can record every detail such as your daily feelings, emotions, milestones and pregnancy memories. Pregnancy brain is real, so having somewhere to document your pregnancy journey will help you remember all the wonderful (and not so wonderful) parts of your pregnancy. This is a great opportunity to capture weekly growing bump photos, keep track of how you're feeling, changing and growing on a daily basis while pregnant. 

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A pregnancy journal is the perfect book to stick all your ultrasound pictures and also write about how you were feeling on the day. Being able to write down all your memories along the way becomes such a special keepsake for you and your family to look back on for years to come. A pregnancy journal gives you the ability to remember every detail such as how you announced your pregnancy, feeling baby for the first time, choosing baby names, what you bought for baby and who came to your baby shower.  

There are so many fabulous reason to keep a pregnancy journal, however the decision is a personal one and it’s always easier to start a pregnancy journal and stop along the way than look back at your 9-month pregnancy journey and wish you had!

pregnancy journal

When shopping for a pregnancy journal, it’s important to look for something that you will want to use everyday of your pregnancy. Looking for a pregnancy journal that is also a pregnancy planner can help you to also feel organised. A weekly pregnancy planner can be the perfect space to jot down all your appointments, as will record how you're feeling and any thoughts or notes you may feel the need to write down. Additionally, if you’d like to include bump pictures or images from ultrasounds, you’ll want to look for a comprehensive pregnancy journal that has spaces for those, or a pocket in the back where you can store extras.

The Your Mindful Mama Pregnancy Planner is the perfect pregnancy planner and pregnancy journal in one. This unique pregnancy planner combines all the organisational must-haves when planning for a baby, and pairs it with a holistic and empowering approach to pregnancy, birth and beyond. The Your Mindful Mama planner allows you to record your pregnancy journey from conception, through birth and into the fourth trimester. It provides a week-by-week layout with room for all your appointments, bump photos, scans, name planning, room for journaling, shopping lists, birth intentions page, interactive stickers and much more.

pregnancy journal

A pregnancy journal is a wonderful way to track your pregnancy and keep certain notes and photos that you might otherwise forget or neglect to do throughout your nine months pregnancy. It becomes a beautiful keepsake to look back on and can be used to compare possible future pregnancies too. Handwriting with pen and journal is a very special way to preserve your pregnancy memories forever, and we're sure that your pregnancy journal will be treasured forever.  


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