How to Prepare for Birth both Physically and Mentally

How to Prepare for Birth both Physically and Mentally

As a seasoned labour and delivery doula, one of the questions I'm asked most often is: "Jules, I'm really nervous about labour. What's the most important thing I can do to prepare?"

I absolutely love this question! It shows that you're not leaving your birth experience up to chance. You're taking an active role in shaping your journey into motherhood. And trust me, decisions will be made during your labour, whether you're ready for them or not. That's why at Your Mindful Mama, we're so passionate about helping women take ownership of their births. You should be the one calling the shots, deciding what's best for you and your baby. It's your story. You're the queen of your birth, Mama.

But here's the thing: you don’t know what you don’t know. How can you make informed decisions if you're not prepared? You can't! That's why I want to share these five tips to help you prepare for your birth. And another little tip, all this info plus more is available in our Pregnancy & Birth Planner

  1. Education is key. I always say that education is the foundation of your birth journey. Imagine your readiness for birth as a sturdy, reliable bag. Not a flimsy plastic one, but a quality leather bag with a solid bottom.

And what lines this bag, gives it support, and forms its foundation? Education.

Without education, you may feel:

  • Confused or scared
  • Like control is being taken away from you
  • Unsure about decisions being made
  • Regret and what-ifs lingering for years
  • Traumatised by your birth experience

The number one thing you can do to prepare for your birth is to educate yourself. That is exactly why we created our Pregnancy & Birth Planner to help you learn, prepare and be in control of your birth. We recommend you learn about how your body works, understand common interventions and when they're necessary versus convenient (remember my mantra: Nothing out of convenience or curiosity), and know your rights in making birth decisions. Education is the first step to preparing yourself mentally and emotionally for birth. Our Pregnancy & Birth Planner is packed full of tools you can use to mentally and physically prepare yourself for a calm birth. 


  1. Shift your perspective on birth. What do you believe about birth? Is it a terrifying experience? Do you imagine a woman screaming in pain and out of control? If so, the media has done its job well. But let me tell you, as a birth doula for many years and a mother of three, that's not what birth is really like.

Most women are calm, focused, and in control during labour. But if you're going into labour with fear and uncertainty, your body will react accordingly. Fear triggers the release of adrenaline, which works against oxytocin, the hormone that drives labour.

You can rewrite your birth story. Your birth doesn’t have to be scary. But to do that, you need to change your perception of birth and set boundaries around the stories you allow into your mind. In our planner, we have many pages where you can visualise, create and write down the birth you desire. We have sections that help you move through past birth trauma and we have sections that help you learn tools to remain calm during your entire labour.



  1. Replace fear with truth. Educating yourself and preparing both physically and mentally allows you to replace fear with truth. Fear of the unknown can sabotage your labour progress. Acknowledge your fears, replace them with truths, and let them go.

For example, if you fear tearing, educate yourself about it. Tearing is a natural part of birth, designed to accommodate the baby. You can take steps to prevent tearing, but start by releasing your fears. Use the journaling sections within the Pregnancy & Birth Planner to write down your fears and then write down the truths surrounding those fears. 


  1. Change your mindset. Our thoughts are incredibly powerful. What we think, we often manifest. So start speaking positive thoughts over yourself. Remind yourself daily that:
  • You are strong.
  • Your body is capable.
  • You are powerful.
  • You are at the center of your birth story.
  • You can do this.

Use positive affirmations and mantras to reinforce these beliefs. Surround yourself with positivity and shut out negativity. We created a page of positive birth affirmations in the Pregnancy & Birth Planner that you can tear out and read every day. Stick them up around your house and take them to your birth. 


  1. Prepare your body. You don't need to be an athlete to prepare your body for birth. Simply take care of yourself. Move your body daily, whether it's a walk around the block or a stroll through the park. Movement not only keeps you physically healthy but also helps your baby get into the optimal position for birth.

And don't forget about nutrition. Eating well during pregnancy prepares your body for labour and supports your postpartum recovery. Again, I sound like a broken record, but our Pregnancy & Birth Planner has a whole section on gentle movement during pregnancy and nutrition tips. 

Being prepared for birth is empowering. It's not about winging it and hoping for the best. It's about taking control of your birth journey. You've got this, Mama! If you have any questions, come join us on Instagram and let's chat.

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